How to Apply

How to get enrolled

Applicants are admitted to the program according to their position in the ranking list until the number of places available has been filled.

Following the ranking list, each «winner» will have to select a specific research project and the associated tutor.

Each project can be selected only by one PhD student; this is the reason why you want to possibly have more than one option. Start to look at the projects in advance and possibly contact the proposing tutors to understand whether you are really interested in the project and the associated scientific environment.

Students coming from abroad can enter in the program even later providing that they entered in the admitted list. However, they will have to obtain from a funding agency a dedicated fellowship.

To apply you should carefully follow the instructions available on the Unimi portal.

For general information please read this site:

To apply to the PhD Course in Experimental Medicine please visit:

How PhD students will be selected

An Examining Committee set up and appointed in compliance with current regulations will carry out the procedure. The committee will mainly evaluate your career, scientific preparation, motivation and soft skills.

1. First evaluation

During this first step, candidates will be evaluated based on their career and the presented project.

CV Remember to include exam grades, past and current research and professional experience and qualification, publications (if any), meeting and courses attendance (if any), abstracts for oral or poster presentations, language certificates if available, and soft skills. Attach any document convenient to evaluate your CV, such as publications or abstracts to meetings.

Research project  Be aware that writing the research project is mandatory to be evaluated. Using the Form available online is mandatory, respecting the length limitations. Please note that this should be a research project that you feel confident to defend in front of the committee; it does not represent what you will be doing during your 3 years of PhD. It can be the logic follow up of your previous research experience or what you would like to study.

2. Second evaluation

Candidates that obtained at least 15 points in the first evaluation step will be admitted to an oral interview with the PhD examination board. This second evaluation will add a maximum of 70 points.

You will be evaluated for:

• your scientific preparation and capacity to defend your previous work or project;

• motivation;

• communication skills, team working, problem solving.

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